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June Prayer Focus
June Prayer Focus - Nancy Landerholm

“Lord, teach us to pray…” (Luke 11:1). The best way to learn to pray is by using God’s own word and asking for the Holy Spirit to guide you into truth and direct you how to pray the truths you are shown. Seek out prayers, for instance, that Paul prayed and use them as an outline to pray for
yourself, family, workplace, nation, and church. The Psalms are rich with prayers that David and the other Psalmists prayed. The following are verses from Colossians used as prayers: Fill me with the knowledge of Your will in all areas of my life. (1:10), I pray that you will have first place in everything
in my life (1:18), Help me to always be honest toward others (3:9). Insert other individuals or groups names in these prayers. God longs to hear from us, so don’t neglect this great gift. Eloquence in our words, NOT REQUIRED, only our willingness to pray!