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Mark and Eszti Landerholm

Mentor UMC is excited to be partnering in a new ministry with Mark and Eszti Landerholm.  They are missionaries to Hungary with the World Gospel Mission. 

Although Mark and Eszti grew up on two different continents, their story is similar in many ways: they are both from wonderful Christ-centered families, they both accepted Jesus as their personal Savior at a very young age, and Jesus called both of them to serve as missionaries.

Eszti started accompanying her parents on missions trips in Hungary and Ukraine as a small child. During Eszti’s high school years, Jesus placed children’s ministries, specifically orphans, on her heart. After graduating from college, Mark served in Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan, and Ukraine for 11 months as a VoIunteers In Action participant through WGM. During this time, Jesus more fully put Europe on his heart. Following seminary graduation in 2010, he led a group of college students on a short-term missions trip to Hungary and met Eszti, who was helping out with English Camp. After they both returned to the United States (Mark to Kentucky for work and Eszti to Tennessee to finish college), they kept in touch and eventually fell in love. The following summer, Eszti, went home and Mark came to visit her and her family and to do some missions work together. Mark was sure about two things: first, he wanted to marry Eszti; second, he knew that Jesus called him to serve in Hungary. They got engaged and as they were praying together for Jesus’ guidance, Jesus placed Hungary on Eszti’s heart as well.

After their wedding in 2012, Mark and Eszti spent a year as volunteers in Hungary. They kept their eyes and hearts open to see where Jesus would have them and got a clearer picture about the needs of Hungary. Upon returning to the United States in May 2013, they were accepted as Missionary Disciples to Hungary. Their call is to do discipleship and orphan ministries and to share the love of Jesus and the freedom that can only be found in His Truth with the people of Hungary.

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