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“I am well aware that every family has a different stance on mask wearing. As the person entrusted to be the hands and feet of Jesus, especially for the group of children under the age of 12 who are not eligible to be vaccinated, I am asking for us all to go out of our comfort zone to protect one another. We are called to love God first, and then to love our neighbor. In order to love our neighbor, we should do all we can to protect one another. If vaccines were available for children under age 12, I would leave the choices up to each family and/or individual. Unfortunately, we are not there yet. We have come so far from a year ago. I am asking that when in the presence of children 12 and younger, we are masked. And in order to protect those 12 and under, I am asking that they also be masked. I know this will be a challenge, especially for those children who have not worn a mask. I am asking that we try and encourage them. This is a great way to teach our children how to be loving and kind toward everyone.”
~Tammy Palermo, Director of Children & Family Ministries

9:00 am will be at Mentor UMC for the following groups:
•Children ages 3-5 and current kindergarteners will meet on the playground (weather permitting). They will stay there for the duration of the worship service. There will be at least two leaders for this group.
•Children in grades 1 through 6 will begin worship in service with their parent(s). They will engage in worship for the first ten minutes and then will be released to go to their group outside to a designated part of the parking lot that has been secured for the morning. There will be at least two leaders for this group.

11 am children are invited to The Gathering with their parents. This is an interactive, intergenerational, and intentional worship service.

The curriculum to be used will follow the sermon series, Summer Road Trip. This way parents who are in worship can continue the conversation at home! wink

As we look to the fall, Tammy is seeking leaders! If you are serving in the Early Childhood Area, you will need to provide proof of vaccination. All leaders are asked to wear a mask in order to protect children who are not eligible for vaccination.
Children are highly encouraged to wear a mask as well.
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Small groups are available for children, from birth through sixth grade and meets during the Sunday worship services, both 9 AM.  All are welcome!

SCHOOL YEAR curriculum and age groups are as follows:
•Babies, Toddlers, and 2 Year Olds:  childcare and Bible-in-Life in the Early Childhood Area
•3 & 4 Year Olds:  TruBlessings in the Early Childhood Area
•Kindergarten-2nd Grade:  TruStory in Room 107
•3rd-4th Grade:  TruStory in Room 104
•5th-6th Grade:  Grapple in Room 103

Sign In Procedure:
•Parents of Babies through 4 Year Olds sign in at the Early Childhood Area
•Parents of Kindergarteners through 6th Graders begin worship with families. They will be dismissed to the Education Wing where they will remain for the rest of the service.

On the FIRST Sunday of the month, children in kindergarten through sixth grade will REMAIN with their families for Family Worship.

Each child must have a completed Registration Form OR eRegistration Form

Big God Story
Adults and youth serve as the leaders for Sunday school.
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For more information, contact Tammy Palermo: 255-3496 x110 or