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Sanctuary Choir Loft Renovation Project

The Board of Trustees is excited to present the Sanctuary Choir Loft Renovation Project. Music is a hallmark of MUMC and a vital part of our worship experience. This project involves reconfiguring the Chancel and replacing the pews with upholstered individual seating.
We are so fortunate to have close to 50 choir members. With the current seating, the Order of Worship must be adjusted to accommodate the movement of the choir within the service. With the proposed changes, the choir can remain in place and the integrity of the worship service is preserved.  The overall look of the Chancel will be not be altered. Choir members with mobility challenges are very grateful for the proposed changes, allowing all to participate in this vital ministry.

Larry Fram has completed drawings that show how the choir loft will look with the proposed changes.
1. Most importantly, the altar remains as the focal point of the front of the   church.
2. The current terraced floor is extended for the seating to be configured in a 45° angle. The height of the altar area remains the same.
3. The pews in the loft are removed and replaced with upholstered seating.
4. The balustrades are reconfigured to conform to the new design.
5. The balustrades are secure yet can be removed for flexibility.

Per Jeff Smith, a contractor who is also the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, the cost for construction materials is minimal. The largest expense is the seating. Funds earmarked for the music department are available to complete the project.  However, we would offer anyone in the congregation a chance to purchase a chair to acknowledge a loved one.  Construction will be done in-house and take about two weeks. We do not need a permit as we are not tearing down any walls or adding any new construction. We are looking at August to complete the project. The seating is custom made and estimated to arrive 3-4 months from placing the order. The construction would be completed in August...

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