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Girls on the Run

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Heart & Sole is for any girl brave enough to be herself. Join us for a journey that will empower you to tap into your strengths and learn new life skills. Every week, we’ll run, laugh and learn about what makes each other tick. The program ends with a celebration of how far you’ve come… and a 5K that will remind you that you can crush any goal you set your mind to.

Register online at
or by phone at (234) 206-0786.

Registration Opens
February 9, 2021
Season Starts
Week of March 15th
Teams meet twice a week
End of Season Celebration
Saturday, May 15, 2021

Practice Location: Mentor United Methodist Church
*Delivery Model: Hybrid
Days & Times: Tues & Thurs / 4:15-5:30
Open to girls in grade: 6th - 8th

Contact: Bev Lee, 440-666-2058

*Delivery Model determined by site.
Virtual: All sessions will be 100% virtual. Supplies will be mailed directly to participants. Lessons are 45-60 min.
Hybrid: Sessions will be in-person. Should your location close, lessons will continue on the same schedule, but will shift to virtual.

Register online at
or by phone at (234) 206-0786.

Click here for flyers: Mentor_United_Methodist_Church_-_2021_spring_-_Girl_Recruitment_Flyer_-_GOTR.pdf